About Us

Federation Mission, Vision & Values

Fox Federation Mission (what is our purpose)

We work together to enable all children to reach their full potential, to make a difference and to create positive experiences.

Fox Federation Vision (what will we deliver)

  • We work together, sharing experiences, resources and knowledge to create better outcomes and make us stronger as a whole.
  • We create positive experiences that are enriching and inspirational in an environment that is safe, stimulating and supportive.
  • We ensure children reach their full potential through developing staff knowledge and expertise to deliver a robust, broad curriculum which meets all pupils’ needs.
  • We make a difference through understanding and living our values.

Fox Federation Values


  • We respect ourselves in our thoughts, our behaviour and our appearance
  • We respect others and show kindness through our words and our actions
  • We are mindful of our local environment and community
  • We take active responsibility as global citizens


  • We set ourselves targets and try our best to achieve them
  • We strive to reach our goals, even when they are difficult to achieve or may take a long time
  • We persist when facing challenging or unknown situations
  • We learn from our own and others’ mistakes


  • We work in and as a team, sharing knowledge and experiences
  • We support each other so that everyone can meet their potential.
  • We listen to others and build on their ideas
  • We actively participate, challenge politely and contribute


  • We seek out opportunities to discover and to learn
  • We are not afraid to ask questions and try new things
  • We are thoughtful problem solvers
  • We recognize bright ideas that lead to meaningful change


  • We respect and value our diverse strengths, backgrounds and aspirations
  • We ensure equality of opportunity
  • We strive for equity enabling all to have an equal chance for success
  • We share and celebrate our individuality and differences

Fox Federation Strategy (how will we deliver)

We have identified 7 key strategic areas for Federation focus over the next 2-3 years that will help us achieve our Mission and Vision:

  • Maintaining Curriculum Expertise - planning - Oak, CPD, embedding curriculum, cross Fed monitoring
  • Resource sharing - value for money - fundraising,
  • Fit for Purpose - buildings
  • SEN provision - finance, sharing resources, resource base, TA re-modelling/timetabling
  • Staff well-being
  • Pupil Well being - WLZ, Place to be, mental health specialism
  • Growth - Systems and structures, develop blue-print


As a whole, the Federation remains open to further growth, with the best interest of the existing schools being of primary focus