The Federation

The schools in our Federation are a family, sharing expertise, training, recruitment, and experience, to enrich the education of children across all three schools.  Each school has their own Head, their own budget, and their own identity and are overseen by a single Governing Board and Executive Headteacher.

The Federation was formed in 2015 when Fox joined with Ashburnham in Chelsea, and it expanded in 2019 to include Avonmore, in Hammersmith and Fulham. It now consists of 16 Governors, all of whom are passionate about the shared Federation mission – to work together to ensure all children, across all the schools, reach their potential, make a difference and have positive experiences.

In our schools, homegrown teaching talent is given the opportunity, with high levels of training and professional development, to grow and progress within the Federation. But importantly, the Federation is also committed to looking outward to the local community and beyond, providing school improvement services, as well as Continuing Professional Development to over 400 schools. It has produced over 700 filmed lessons for the Oak Academy as part of vital national covid support.

Fox is the lead school for Initial Teacher Training for the West London Teaching School Alliance, as well as the Maths Hub lead school for London Central and West Maths Hub. It has involved over 800 schools in Math Hub projects. The Federation has two English Specialists working for the local English Hub.

Teacher training and development is an integral part of the Federation in terms of both ethos and finances. Fox Federation invests and nurtures its teachers so that they are fully empowered to provide outstanding education and a happy environment for our children.